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"NEW" - Resource List up to E115 + All our Tracts + 21 Bible Studies + Other Web Articles =  now available on CD in PDFs for a love gift of $5.00 (Oct. 10, 2006)  Just ask for RESOURCE LIST CD.

We have several categories listed for your convenience such as books, videos, CDs, cassette tapes, tracts, and ministry services, etc.and we have included an order form for your convenience.

"NEW"  We are now able to accept your love gifts by Credit Card orders several different ways.  Go to the Order Form page for more information.

Click on resource group title to go to directly to Books, Cassettes, etc.

We appreciate your love gifts for resource materials to the Followers of Jesus Christ Ministries. 
However, because of the recent clarification of the Federal 501 c(3) regulations, you will NOT be able to use your love gift to our organization as a charitable deduction on your taxes. We pray that you will not mind this inconvenience and that the resource materials you choose are to you well worth the love gift you give to this ministry.
For our newest Resources click here: "New" Activities, Resources

Bible Studies
We are providing you with several studies on a variety of topics for you to copy and print out.  They include Scriptures printed out for you.
Books - Booklets - Cell Group Bible Studies    

We offer several books, booklets and cell group Bible studies on a variety of topics.  Several about Freemasonry, and others about Recovery and various Bible subjects.  

  Great News!  Five of our Largest Books are now available in the New Book Format, and New Prices, complete with color graphic drawings on the covers, and bookshelf size.  Easy to read Spine with title makes them easy to find. 
Look for Book Covers to find the New Formatted Books

We still self-publish some of our smaller books in 8.5 x 11 Ring Binder format with index stock covers.

Books are listed with a suggested love gift for each.  Extra love offerings are needed and greatly appreciated and are used to cover the cost of tapes, printing and mailing and also help us to pay for the materials that are distributed free of charge to survivors who cannot afford to pay.  We also have a prison ministry fund you may donate to so that we can send materials to prisoners that request them free of charge. 

Video Tapes

We have several VCR tapes about Freemasonry from documentaries and past MTM conferences and also some from our Ritual Abuse conferences and some on other topics.

 CDs & assette Tapes

We have a big variety of tapes available.  Some are from Radio Interviews and Short Wave programs.  Others are from Home Bible Studies and Church Bible Studies.  We also offer a series on Apologetics along with the Attributes of God and other topics.


Free tracts are available when requested or may be ordered in quantity with a love gift if you prefer.


Several poems have been written by Donna about Ritual Abuse.  These poems were written in different stages of her healing.  Feel free to copy them and to minister to other survivors.

Ministry Services

We are available for speaking engagements on many topics or formats.

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