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If you are interested in having a conference in your area, please contact us.

NYSTV Passover Conference in Owensboro, Kentucky


Click here for info and Tickets

*Skates Alive and River Tree Church (gym, kitchen and nursery)


The First Annual " Exposing Darkness Prophecy Conference 2016 was a great success with over 100 people attending.  It will be up on NowYouSeeTV on You Tube soon.  Click Here for the link for that.

These hotels are only about 10 min away from us.
Quality Inn 5006 E. Morgan Ave - 812-477-2211 ($80.00)
Holiday Inn 4107 N. 41  - 888-EVL-Stay  ($100.00)
Motel 6 4201 Hwy 41 - 812-424-6431 (? cheap, but not as nice)
First on the list are easy to get to when you come into Evansville off Expressway 164 or Hwy 41 hotels are also easy.

Disclaimer: The conference below is not Christian in nature; however, some of the speakers may be Christians. We are not affiliated with S.M.A.R.T. They are a totally distinct organization.

This August there will be a child and ritual abuse conference in Connecticut.  The conference is only a few weeks away. 

We will have several excellent speakers well known in the ritual abuse field.  Please register now to make sure you get a seat at the conference. Free meals and free parking are available. Books will be sold at the conference.  

Details are at: 

Please write us at smartnews@aol.com  if you have any questions.   

Speakers will include:

Dr. Alison Miller 
Randy Noblitt, PhD
Eileen Aveni  
Neil Brick
Pamela Noblitt

The 2016 Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference      

August 13 14, 2016  

DoubleTree near Bradley International Airport Windsor Locks, CT

Vital Isaiah 61 Prayer Ministry Courses

Offered to Counselors, Pastors, Cell/Care group leaders, and all concerned Christians.

We were blessed to be affiliated with Jubilee Resource ministry from New Zealand.  Jubilee created the Vital Isaiah 61 Prayer ministry course using about 3/4 of our book, FROM VICTIMS To VICTORS - THROUGH THE CROSS OF JESUS CHRIST- Gilead's Balm - A Healing Workbook for Ministers, Victim- Survivors, along with some other sections they added and have conducted these courses in several areas of the world such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  For a time we were also the US distributors for Jubilee and they also published our larger books in the new book format until just recently. 

Although we are no longer their distributors, we are indebted to them for the many contacts and the continuing Isaiah 61 Prayer ministry.

We now offer Healing and Deliverance Seminars through our ministry for travel, lodging expenses, and a love offering along with the opportunity to set up a resource table.  Although we do not use the same format as Jubilee, we agree with the tenets of what is offered in the Isaiah 61 courses.  We would be happy to build your seminar/conference/meeting around your needs.  If you are interested in a seminar or conference or revival in your area, please contact us. mailto:Ritualabusefree@cs.com

Click here for Unsolicited Comments about the Vital Isaiah 61 Prayer Ministry

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